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Custom ModCenter Enclosures

Custom Enclosures, Fast

EESCO now has the capability to customize enclosures with our new Enclosure ModCenter. Our ModCenter will slash production costs and leads times, by producing professional, repeatable holes and cutouts.


With this new machine we can:

  • Modify enclosures up to 93.7in/2380mm Tall by 86in/2200mm Wide
  • Modify back panels up to 92in/2340mm Tall by 94in/2400mm Wide

By allowing EESCO to modify your enclosures for you, your team will experience the following benefits:

Increased Productivity

  • Automate a traditionally labor-intensive project, giving your team more time to work on other projects

Improved Quality

  • Produce professional, repeatable holes and cutouts

Improved Worker Safety and Experience

  • Improve safety by minimizing the risk of cuts from sharp metal edges
  • Improve working conditions by reducing noise